Becoming SEO Expert

seo-training-bannerSEO is no rocket science, but still it is very complicated. Becoming an Expert in SEO is not easy and for most people, it takes years of practice to reach a professional level of expertise. And like a Ninja, they have to continue practicing or else they will lose their skills. These skills are attained through deep analysis of how other SEO experts work and through studying the mechanism of major search engines like Google.

It is a complex process because search algorithms are constantly changing and, moreover, changes are very secretive and people have to be innovative in order to understand the way search engines work. It is very difficult to be a SEO expert, because there is too much competition and a mistake can cost you months of work. People have to ensure that they do not make any mistakes or else their reputation will be affected and they may not get any business at all.

Thus, people who aspire to be experts in SEO should consider all these points which will help them in achieving their goal,

Experience – Manage at least 5 websites for a minimum period of 1 year. The websites should not be related to each other and you should be able to devise independent strategies for them. Remember that experience is the key factor for you to be successful as a SEO expert.

Be Innovative – As an SEO expert, you must develop different theories and test them rigorously to track the results. Consider the changes that will affect the positioning of the site, its popularity with the visitors and relate this changes to the techniques you used (creating links, keywords, social networking, etc.).

Find the best keywords – This is not as simple as it seems like. You must find out keywords that are not only popular at the moment, but will also be popular in the future so that the site can always retain a higher position in Google. Once you find a set of keywords, you can test them one by one to check their effectiveness.

Use different tools to find the right one – There are many different tools available online, that can help you in the process of SEO. Most of these tools are free and so, you can use some of them and determine the one which suits your needs and your style of working.

Apart from these, you can also find many more tips on the internet, which can help you in becoming a SEO expert.